Vision Surgery & Laser Center, LLC

Vision Surgery & Laser Center's Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) was built in 2001 and is still the first and only ophthalmic surgery centers in Roseburg and it's surrounding areas dedicated to the treatment of eyes. The ASC is a Medicare Certified facility, and is licensed by the state of Oregon. Our ASC offers a comfortable, convenient, relaxing environment that utilizes the latest technology available for maximum results. Because we perform surgery in our outpatient surgery center, the facility expense is much less than the cost of the same procedure if it were done in a traditional hospital setting.

Our broad range of ophthalmic and plastic surgery procedures includes cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, skin rejuvenation and other minor surgeries such as yag laser vision correction, laser treatments for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, and lid lesion removal.

Advanced Technology Cataract Care

Experienced surgeons utilizing modern surgical techniques, new technology and equipment, and customized intraocular lenses to suit your visual needs, all contribute to your improved vision after surgery. We have a certified anesthetist on site available to keep you relaxed and comfortable during surgery.

Our experienced team of surgeons and nurses works hard to make your visit for surgery a pleasant experience and to maximize your vision potential. We have improved the vision of thousands of people suffering from poor vision and cataracts. Please contact us to discuss specific questions you may have regarding your options for laser vision correction or cataract treatment.

Convenience, safety and a staff that is highly trained, experienced and proficient are some of the factors considered in making this decision.

Vision Surgery and Laser Center, LLC (VSLC) is designed to:

  • Allow you to arrive, have surgery and go home the same day
  • Be less expensive than surgery in a hospital
  • Give you efficient, personal care in a pleasant atmosphere
  • Allow a family member to be present
  • Allow family members the opportunity to watch the surgery for themselves in our live viewing room

The Ambulatory Surgery Center is located at our Weston Eye Center at 2435 NW Kline Street, in Roseburg.  It is easily accessible from I-5 and Garden Valley Exit 125.