Cataract Surgery Complications

Complications are rare following cataract surgery but they can occur.  As with any surgery, you should be familiar with unusual symptoms or signs that should be brought to the order of Dr. Weston immediately to help avoid potential complications of Cataract Surgery.  You may have some discomfort around your eye.  You may have a mild ache or scratchy feeling for the first 24-36 hours. You can expect your vision to be fuzzy at first, but this will improve as your eye heals.  If something concerns you, please call our office.  We are available to assist you and answer your questions. 


Contact the office immediately if the following symptoms occur:

  1. Sudden loss of vision.
  2. SIgnificant or persistent pain in or about the eye.
  3. If you see flashes of light or multiple, prominent floaters.
  4. A shadow or curtain over your field of vision.
  5. Unusual discharge from the operated eye.
  6. Nausea, vomiting or severe headache.