Clinical Research

At Roseburg Research Associates, we value our commitment to be at the forefront of vision research.  We continually seek out research opportunities that can lead to new treatments and medications that have the potential to help millions of people.  We are continually recognized for our excellence within the research field. Our doctors and full-time research coordinators are committed to conducting clinical trials to encourage cutting edge research in the areas of pharmacology and surgical technology. As a resident and then assistant professor at Hahnemann Medical College, Dr. Weston facilitated numerous clinical research trials, and it didn’t stop there.  Around the year 2000, Roseburg Research Associates began bringing clinical studies into our community.  Building on the university research of Dr. Weston, we have been able to provide a platform for small protocols as well as participation in larger national trials.    We have worked with most national pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations; and to ensure the rights and safety of our research patients, we are overseen by the Food and Drug Administration and national Institutional Review Boards.

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